Great Scott! Johnny is tops in the Law Trophy

Johnny Scott was the winner of the Law Trophy at Lisburn Golf Club.
Johnny Scott was the winner of the Law Trophy at Lisburn Golf Club.

Lisburn golfers got a taste of a different style of golf in the flag competition for the Law Trophy on Saturday.

It’s a bit of a change in format from the norm. Each play gets the par of the course plus their handicap to see how far they can get round the course before running out of shots and sticking a flag in their spot.

If they make it round the whole 18 with shots still to spare, it’s off back down the first and see how many holes they can cover.

Chris McKnight (10) completed his round early with five strokes to spare. After going down the first, he successfully managed a par five to lead the field for most of the day.

Ben McCambley (11) and Johnny Scott (11) both had six strokes left after their first 18 holes. Ben managed a par five but Johnny had a birdie four.

Ben hit a massive drive up the second fairway to within 80 yards of the green. Johnny’s drive was much shorter but with his final stroke, he surpassed Ben and left the ball on the edge of the green to win the trophy.


Open Junior Scratch Competition: 1st Mark Armstrong 78, 2nd Kyle Patton 80

Intermediate Scratch Competition: 1st Mark Scullion 82, 2nd Paul Smyth 91

Wednesday Stableford: 1st Paul Smyth 42pts, 2nd Mark Armstrong 38pts, 3rd Craig Ryan 38pts.

Snodden Quaich Juvenile competition: 1st Adam Clarke 44 pts, 2nd Nicholas Lilley 40 pts, 3rd Luke Holden 40 pts.

Seniors:1st   Norman  Briggs 40 pts, 2nd  Sam Moore 38 pts, 3rd Derek McAfee 37 pts.

9 holes: Billy Hawthorne19 pts.