Four points in two matches for Derryvolgie

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Section C

It may not be a perfect start for Derryvolgie, but after finishing bottom of Section C of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League last year four points from the first two matches makes life a little brighter for the basement boys.

Derryvolgie 26 (2) St Clare’s 37 (5)

M. Hamilton, K. Quail, David Parkes, Darren Parkes 2, A. McAreavey, R. McCann, J. Creaney, G. Brankin 19; M. Atcheson, B. Quail, J. Reilly, R. Parkinson, 8, J. Burns, J. O’Brien, J. McKeag, D. Magee 5; J. Parkes, B. Kane, O. McAreavey, B. McClarnon 8, C. Magee, G. Armstrong, A. O’Brien, A. Creaney 12; J. Brady, G. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, K. McCreight 8, D. Bradley, J. Burns, I. Quinn, B. McCann 5.

St Colman’s Lambeg 46 (5) Derryvolgie 26 (2)

E. Rodgers, P. Bradley, J. McCallion, F. Agnew 6, J. McCartney, D. Parkes, K. Quail, David Parkes 10; J. Donnelly, D. Brennan, N. Kerr, J. Burns 20, J. Parkes, B. Kane, D. McCauley, B. McClarnon 3; R. Sale, P. McCallion, M. Quigley, P. Robinson 15, M. Atcheson, B. Quail, J. Reilly, R. Parkinson 2; R. O’Carroll, A. McWilliams, P. Rae, G. McWilliams 5, G. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, J. Bratty, K. McCreight 11.

Suffolk 43 (6) Lisburn Masonic 30 (1)

M. O’Neill, H. McKenna, H. Gallagher, S. Collins 7, T. Elliott, D. McPherson, M. Hanna, W. Benson 9; J. Hewitt, B. Gallaher, E. Timmons, R. Devine 13, A. Jennings, G. Carrons, J. Moore, J. Houston 7; E. McCluskey, J. Other, M. Kavanagh, P. Gillen 12, J. Bain, V. McCammon, M. Blair, B. Lemon 10; T. McArdle, N. Mallon, L. Dunlop, M. Dunlop 11, J. Smyth, S. Mawhinney, T. McCallum, J. Kinkead 4.

Aghagallon 40 (6) St Colman’s Dunmurry 29 (1)

B. Brown, A. Clenaghan, U. Corey, M. Corey 19, D. McKinley, E. McMullen, J. McCandless, E. O’Donnell 5; D. Clenaghan, J. Toner, S. Hannon, G. Little 9, G. McGrath, J. Law, B. McCallum, H. Wilmont 4; M. Fitzpatrick, B. Walsh, J. Mellan, E. Hamill 3, M. McKinley, R. Campbell, G. Sey, J. H. Campbell 14; K. Russell, B. Clenaghan, J. Connelly, G. Tallon 9, P. Hughes, B. McCandless, J. McCallum, M. Campbell 6.