Fine comeback for Byrnes B in league

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Byrnes B welcomed Dunmurry Inn in the Alexanders Lisburn and District dart league and immediately went 3-1 down.

The best of the home side was then seen, winning five of the next six for a fantastic 6-4 win.

Byrnes winners were F. Fraser 2x100, D. Haslem 3x100,140,180, T. McKeown 4x100, R.Humphries, M. McCrorry 5x100,140,17 darts, D. Anderson.

Dunmurry winners were W. McGardle, C. Orford 100, N. Cummins 3x100, G. Andrews 4x100,2x140,20 darts.

Byrnes A beat visitors Catch My Pal 8-2. Byrnes winners were N. Mullholland 100,140,19 darts, P. White 100, N. McCabe 100,140, G. Bell 140, N. Dunwoodie 2x140,17 darts, N. Peden 2x100, R. Montgomery 2x100, S. Lennon 5x100. Catch winners were M. Cairns 3x100,140,17 darts, B. Faulkner 2x100.

Marketview at home were completely outplayed by visitors The Crows going down 8-2. Marketview winners were F. McMahon 3x100,20&21 darts. M. McKee 125,2x140.

Crows winners. J. Wallace 2x125,128, J. Watton 103,120,131, G. Crawford 3x100, P. Logan 116,125, K. Kennedy 140,180,21 darts, V. Letters 117,125,18&20 darts, P. Brownlees 123,139,180,15 darts, D. Kay 2x100,125,3x140,16 darts.

Manor Inn welcomed Belfast Indoor Bowling Club to their Highway venue and after a titanic struggle went down to a 6-4 scoreline. Manor winners were S. Beattie 3x100, J. Somerville 5x100,140, P. Shortt 3x100, L. Beattie 3x100,140.

B. I. B. C. winners G. Matthews 100, T. Johnston 100,140, B. Greer 2x100, E. Dobbin 4x100,20 darts, M. Riddall 4x100,21 darts, J. Bunting.

Laganview 3 Ballinderry 7 Laganview winners N. Alister 100, G. Alister 140, A. Hurst 3x100. Ballinderry winners W

English 2x100,18 darts, H. Todd 100, E. Moulds 3x100,2x140.

C. Heasley 2x100,133, G. Rea 3x100, A. Moulds 100,140, W. Hall.

Ballinderry A played some brilliant darts to lose 6-4 to their visitors Reids Corner. Ballinderry winners A. Best 140, C. Gracey 135,2x140,16 darts, T. Woods 2x100, M. Reynolds 100,122,125.

Reids winners Drew McCammon, A. Hull 100, Don McCammon 121,135, G. Walsh 100, S. Walsh, S. Crossey 2x100,140.

All teams with entries for three-side competition must have them to the secretary by Friday.