Dromore A win but Dromore B are easily beaten

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DROMORE 77 (5)


Dromore scraped home by a shot when they entertained Dungannon in NIBA Division Two and they took five points.

The scores were level when Tom Haire bowled the final delivery and drew the shot to give Dromore a precious win.h. His rink also won by nine shots.

Nathan Haire got the other win by four shots and Sammy Malcolmson only lost by a shot.

T. Heasley, J. McKenny, D. Graham, T. Haire 27, S. McCombes 18; A. Matthews, G. Dawson, A. Malcolmson, G. Clinghan 14, W. Cardwell 25; P. Taylor, R. Malcolmson, W. Clinghan, S. G. Malcolmson 18, K. Wright 19; W. Steenson, R. Bolton, M. Shaw, N. Haire 18, A. Rafferty 14.


NathanHaire was the only winner for Dromore when they travelled to Bessbrook in a re-arranged NIBA Division 2 game on Tuesday night.

Two points for Dromore B


Two wins by a shot gave Dromore two points when they lost by y 20 shots away to 1st Ballymacarrett in NIBA Division 5.

Down 9-12 at the tenth and 14-15 at 15 ends Alan Sudlow drew the winning shot at the last end.

Down 6-8 at the tenth and 7-15 at 15 ends Tom Sudlow lost by 11 shots.

At the tenth Tommy Wilson was 7-14 down and 9-18 at 15 ends before losing by 11 shots.

Down 5-7 at the tenth but 10-8 ahead at 15 ends Sammy Malcolmson went on to win by a shot.