Cup action in Darts league

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The Charity Cup took place in the Alexanders Lisburn and District Dart League.

Favourite bar: The Crows v Pretty Marys finished 5-3 for the high fliers winners: M. Curran 140, T. Harbinson 140, W. Bird, J. Watton 2x100,140, S. Farr.

Pretty Marys C. Gracey, C. Flannery 100, P. Weir.

Ballymacash 5 The Crows 4 - Cash winners S. Gardiner 100, T. Heasley, A. J. Coburn 100, S. Trodden, J. Dodds 100.

Crows winners M. Curran 140,18 darts. J. Watton 100. P. Logan 100,125. W. Bird 100,125.

Smithfield House: Marketview 5 Pretty Marys A 4 - Marketview winners M. McKee 100,21 darts, F. McMahon 140, R. Dean 100, P. McGlynn. A. Hanna 100.

Pretty Marys winners A. Finnie 100, P. Presho, S. Cocker, A. Johnston.

Manor Inn 5 Catch My Pal 4 - Manor winners M. Hanna, P. Short, A. Lyness 100, S. Beattie 100, E. Davis.

Catch winners S. McCurley, B. Faulkner, M. Cairns 100, T. Watson.

Manor Inn 3 Marketview 5 - Manor winners J. Cahoon, E. Davis 100, A. Lyness 2x100.

Marketview winners F. McMahon 2x100,140, M. McKee 100, P. Burns, P. McGlynn 121, R. Dean.

Alexanders: Laganview 1 Dunmurry Inn 5 - Laganview winner A. Hurst 140. Dunmurry A. Hodgen 135, C. Orford 100, J. Reid 120, A. Lyttle, G. Andrews 100.

Ballinderry 5 BIBC 3 - Ballinderry winners B. Irwin, H. Todd 140, W. English, W. Carberry, W. Hall 100,137. Bowlers winners M. Ferguson 100, T. Johnston, J. Bunting.

Dunmurry Inn 5 Ballinderry 3 - Dunmurry winners A. Hodgen, N. Cummins 100, G. Andrews 140, S. Allen, J. Reid. Ballinderry winners W. Hall, W. Carberry 174, N. Escott.

Byrnes Bar: Byrnes A 5 Reids Corner 1 - Byrnes winners K. Campbell, J. Wilson 125, R. Montgomery 100,140,18 darts, G. Bell 100, N. Pedan 2x140,14 darts. Reids winner S. Walsh 100.

Byrnes A 5 Byrnes B 2 - A winners J. Wilson 3x100, S. Lennon 100,140, R. Montgomery 2x100, N. Pedan 2x100, K. Campbell. B. winners M. Frazer, G. Bassett.

Teams qualified for tonights finals: Ballymacash, Marketview, Dunmurry Inn, Byrnes A.