Ballinderry’s amazing record on the edge

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Ballinderry’s amazing record in the Lisburn Indoor Bowling League of 27 title wins in 28 years is sitting on the edge after they lost 5-2 to Priesthill last Tuesday night.

The Ballinderry programme has finished with 90.5 points, but Hillsborough Social, whose match with Annahilt Parish was postponed last week because of a death in the Annahilt camp, have two games left to play.

If they take 14 points from these two matches, against Annahilt and Eglantine, they will win the League and end Ballinderry’s magnificent run of success.

It is the most exciting finish to the League title race for many years.

At the bottom, St Paul’s moved out of danger with a win over Eglantine, who need a point to ensure finishing above St Mark’s in the the relegation fight.

Priesthill 32 (5) Ballinderry 31 (2)

M. Wright, C. Lyons, N. Girvan, R. Kennedy 6, J. Grant, D. Peden, S. McSorley, P. Reid 6; A. Millen, D. Croot, A. Mulligan, I. Ferguson 4, J. Marsden, L. Graham, R. Gourley, E. Marsden 7; R. Mackin, B. Moore, D. Lee, S. Heazley 12, R. McKinstry, S. Law, K. Morrison, G. Stubbs 8; G. Law, E. Wright, P. Melville, B. Martin 10, S. Marsden, J. McKinstry, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 10.

St Paul’s 37 (6.5) Eglantine 22 (0.5)

A. Allen, W. Garrett, M. Holmes, J. Harvey 7, Y. Dowling, D. Dowling, D. Ford, C. Morrison 7; T. McCallum, I. Kane, J. Chapmen, K. Burns 14, D. Kerr, S. Heasley, T. Kinghan, V. Bryans 5; J. Maze, B. Allen, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 9, A. Liggett, S. Bates, M. McLernon, Mel McQuillan 4; M. Benson, B. Maguire, J. Cunningham, B. Kerr 7, J. Parkinson, R. Neely, J. Liggett, G. McLernon 6.

Killaney 45 (6.5) St Mark’s 17 (0.5)

A. Patterson, P. Gregg, J. Copes, E. Patterson 7, F. Stevenson, J. Ellison, A. Walker, R. McCaw 4; E. Alexander, J. Gregg, J. Alexander, G. McMullan 14, V. Reid, C. Barclay, N. Martin, V. Wigton 7; S. McAllister, A. Johnston, I. Johnston, M. Foreman 19, L. Scott, C. Walker, S. Barclay, D. Moore 1; R. Mills, R. Wylie, D. Mills, G. Christie 5, S. Dugan, L. McDowell, K. McCullough, K. Ellison 5.