Whites aiming to improve says Sinclair

LISBURN Distillery’s Academy Coordinator Billy Sinclair has said that the Whites are constantly seeking new players - of all ages - in order to improve the club.

Billy said: “We have got scouts working for the club, giving their time for nothing. to search for new players to enhance Lisburn Distillery.

“Age is not a barrier to playing football,” Billy commented. “We will take any player as long as they are good enough.

“We, as a club, will take anybody good enough to play at the highest level in the Irish Premier League, one example is when we signed Glenn Ferguson, who was 40.”

Billy believes there is room for improvement at both youth team and reserve level, but that the current system is the best way forward.

“At youth team level we are ninth out of twelve, and in the reserve league we are ninth out of twelve, so there is room for improvement. We’ve got to improve the players we have at our disposal, either by improving the players as individuals or the team as a unit.

“As academy coaches, we undertake our role and nobody else dictates policy at Distillery other than the Board of Directors. We just carry out policy and the deciding factor is in the hands of Tim McCann and the first team. If we can get it right at the top, then that will benefit us. Everything is in the hands of the first team.”

Billy looks after teams from Under 11 to Under 17, and is currently searching for new players

for each of the age groups. If you are interested in joining Lisburn Distillery, where you will receive top class coaching and be looked after by the club, please contact Billy on 07818262532.