Three Lisburn teams face testing Shield semi-finals in a big weekend

Football update
Football update
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Lisburn fans are likely to be heading for Ballymacoss Playing Fields on Saturday morning where three local teams will be playing in Shield semi-final ties.

Lisburn Youth U13 and U14 will play Blackstaff Youth and Tollymore Utd respectively with a 9.30am kick-off.

At 11,30am, Hillsborough Boys will take on Portadown Youth.


U13: Camlough 1, Lisburn Rgs 0; Carrick1 , Hillsborough 2; Lisburn Dist 1, TW Braga 0; Lisburn Ladies 0, Blackstaff 6; Lisburn Y 6, Portadown 2; N. End 4, Loughgall 3; Windmill 1, Glenavy 0.

U14: Ballymena 0, Lisburn Dist 1; Hillsborough 3, Tollymore 6; Lisburn Y 6, N. End 0; TTBS 1, Chimney Corner 1; TW Braga 2, Willowbank 4; Windmill 4, Downpatrick 2.

U15: Ballyclare 6, N. End 1.

U16: Ballyclare 1, Donegal Celtic 5; Carrick 0, Lurgan Celtic 3; Lisburn Dist 6, Hillsborough 0; Wakehurst 1, Newry 4.

U17: Downshire 2, Banbridge Town B 6; Greenisland 6, Valley Rgs 1; Lisburn Dist 5, Annagh 3; Newry 1, Hillsborough 2; Wakehurst 2, Banbridge Rgs 2; Willowbank 3, Lisburn Rgs 2.


ALL matches in League except stated

BALLYMACOSS: 9.30, Lisburn Y v Blackstaff u13 Shield, Tollymore v Lisburn Y u14 Shield, Ballyclare v Shankill u15 Shield; 11.30, Windmill v Camlough u13 Shield, TTBS v Windmill u14 Shield, Portadown v Hillsborough u15 Shield.

BARBOUR: 9.30, N. End v Lisburn Dist u13, N. End v Downpatrick u14, Lurgan Celtic v N. End u15; 11.30, Loughgall v Lisburn Ladies u13, Lurgan Celtic v Donegal Celtic u16 Shield, Lisburn Dist v Carrick u16 Shield.

GLENMORE: 9.30, Hillsborough v Glenavy u13, Hillsborough v Chimney Corner u14; 11.30, Portadown v Carrick u13.

WALLACE PARK: 9.30, Wakehurst v Ballybot u16, Banbridge v Wakehurst u17, Greenisland v Banbridge Rgs; 11.30, Willowbank v TW Braga u14, Hillsborough v Willowbank u17 Shield, Valley Rgs v Lisburn Dist u17.

FULLERTON PARK: 9.30, Hillsborough v Ballyclare u16; 11.30, Lisburn Dist v Downpatrick u15.

HAVELOCK PARK: 9.30, Banbridge Town A v Newry u17; 11.30, Windmill v Lurgan Town u15.

MOIRA: 9.30, Annagh v Downshire u17


2B, 11am: Bertie Peacock v Greenisland u11, 3G, Ridgeway v Lurgan Town u11.

2B, 9am: Lisburn Y v Windmill u12

3B, 10am: Warrenpoint v Ridgeway u12.