Snow is the winner as fixtures hit

THE heavy snow on Friday caused the cancellation of the entire Lisburn Junior Invitational League programme on Saturday.

Time then for reflection and only three Lisburn teams are seriously in contention for League honours.

Lisburn Youth lead the under-11 section and would need some dramatic slip-ups to not land the title. They remain unbeaten to date.

Lisburn Distillery Youth currently lead the under-15 group, but Greenisland Boys are only three points behind while Willowbank Youth and Glentoran both have two games in hand. It will be a tight finish.

In the under-16s Glentoran Youth are well placed to win the title, but Distillery, lying in third place, can overtake the top two, Portadown Youth and Banbridge Town Juniors.


BALLYMACOSS: 9.30, Ballymena v Greenisland u-11, Ballymena v Lisburn Dist u-12, Ballymena v Glentoran u-13; 11.15, Ox Sunnyside v Greenisland u-15, Ox Sunnyside v Glen Star u-16, Portadown v Lisburn Dist u-16.

GLENMORE: 9.30, Portadown v Glentoran u-11, Comber v Hillsborough u-14; 11.15, Carniny v Hillsborough u-11, Shankill v Loughgall u-13.

BARBOUR: 9.30, Ridgeway v Loughgall u-11, Glentoran v Hillsborough u-16, Lisburn Dist v Hillsborough u-17; 11.15, Carrick v Craigavon u-11, Grosvenor v Cliftonville u-17.

RECREATION CENTRE: 9.30, Lurgan v Lisburn Y u-11, Shankill v Lurgan u-12, Ridgeway v Lurgan u-14; 11.15, Camlough v Carrick u-13, Bloomfield v Carrick u-15, Lurgan v Hillsborough u-15.

WALLACE PARK: 9.30, Ox Sunnyside v Lisburn Dist u-11, Ridgeway v Loughgall u-12, Willowbank v Glentoran u-17; 11.15, Ox Sunnyside v Lisburn Dist u-13, Shankill v Dromara u-15, Willowbank v Loughgall u-15.

HAVELOCK PARK: 9.30, Banbridge v Hillsborough u-12; 11.15, Banbridge v Lisburn Dist u-14.

MOIRA: 9.30, Ox Sunnyside v Portadown u-12, Lower Maze v Lisburn Dist u-15; 11.15, Cookstown v Greenisland u-12, Banbridge v Greenisland u-16.

ORANGEFIELD: 9.00, Greenisland v Donegal Celtic u-13; 11.00, Ridgeway v Hillsborough u-13.

LURGAN: 9.30, Windmill v Lurgan u-13; 11.15, Newry v Lurgan u-16.

RUSHMORE: 9.30, Ballymacash Rgs v Loughgall u-14.

FULLERTON PARK: 9.30, Linfield v Carrick u-17; 11.15, Banbridge v Carrick u-15.

BILLY NEILL: 9.00, Ridgeway v Glentoran u-15; 11.00, Ridgeway v Carrick u-16.

SUFFOLK: 9.30, Solway v Grosvenor u-16.

SEAVIEW: 9.00, Ballymena v Crusaders u-17.