Small-sided football is still booming in the Lisburn area

Football news.
Football news.

The small-sided or nine-a-side game is still booming, especially in Lisburn where the Lisburn Junior Invitational set up the initial facilities for this format of the game.

With the help of Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council the Recreation Centre was transformed each Saturday morning to facilitate the under-11 and under-12 kids, who enjoyed the experience.

This form of football has been widely backed by those at the top as the type of format to best bring on the very young footballers.

Though there is always the thought that maybe all the games should be competitive, instead of limiting competitive football to just two competitions each season.

After all it is important to learn how to lose.

Last season Lisburn hosted over 50 kids in the under-11 and under-12 bracket and they played competitively in the two knock-out competitions - Shield and Cup.

Stanley Sheppard tells me the entries in these age-groups are extremely well supported again and the numbers should be around those of last season.

This all does not take away from the under-13 to under-17 groups where entries are also coming in steadily.

Apparently the only group slow in filling up is the under-16, so if you have a 16s team get in touch as soon as possible.

The League will arrange the teams in the various sections during August.

The election of officers for the 2015/16 season resulted: chairman, Stanley Sheppard; treasurer, Barbara McGaw.

Committee: Norman Donaldson, Gareth Maxwell, Colin Scott, Chris Budd, Aidan Gawley, Graham Nixon and Paul Alexander.

Anyone interested in helping to run the League should get in touch with Stanley Sheppard at 07974516736.

New South Antrim officers elected

The new officers bearers and committee of the South Antrim Football League were voted in at the recent annual meeting for the 2015/16 season.

Chairman: Gerard Prigent; vice-chairman, Paul Hines; secretary, Barry McComb; fixtures secretary, Gary Wilson; registrations, Jonathan McMullan; treasurer, Mark Fenton.

Committee, Guy Shedden, Stephen Irvine, Alan McAlennan, Jonathan McClinton, Thomas Gourley.

Best wishes to Carrowdore

Carrowdore YM are moving from the South Antrim League to the Down Area Winter Football League due to travelling reasons.

The South Antrim secretary, Barry McComb, speaking on behalf of the committee, said he would like to take the time to wish Carrowdore YM all the best in their new League.

The South Antrim secretary said: “They have kept us in the loop and updated from Day 1, which most teams would not bother to do. Good luck!’’

Harry Allen also wishes to add to the “good luck wishes’’ for the team.

“They have always been first class with me over results, etc and I wish them all the best in their new surroundings.”