Only three matches survive

ONLY three matches in the Lisburn Junior Invitational League survived following the torrential rain on Friday, but it has been suggested most, if not all, of the Lisburn Council pitches were playable on Saturday morning.


UNDER-11: Lurgan 6, Craigavon 1.

UNDER-14: Ridgeway 1, Comber 6.

UNDER-17: Hillsborough 0, Crusaders 6.


BARBOUR: 9.30, Ballymena v Ridgeway u-11, Ox Sunnyside v Ballymena u-12, Ballymena v Shankill u-13; 11.15, Hillsborough v Lisburn Dist u-11. Greenisland v Portadown u-12, Cliftonville v Lisburn Dist u-17.

MOIRA: 9.30, Lisburn Y v Carniny u-11, Lisburn Dist v Lurgan u-12; 11.15, Cookstown v Loughgall u-12, N. Belfast v Loughgall u-13.

GLENMORE: 9.30, Greenisland v Portadown u-11, Lisburn Dist v Loughgall u-14; 11.15, Carrick v Ox Sunnyside u-11, Dromara v Lower Maze u-15.

LURGAN: 9.30, Craigavon v Lurgan u-11; 11.15, Lisburn Dist v Lurgan u-16.

BALLYMACOSS: 9.30, Hillsborough v Lurgan u-13, u-14, Crusaders v Hillsborough u-17; 11.15, Glentoran v Loughgall u-11, Greenisland v Ox Sunnyside u-16.

HAVELOCK PARK: 9.30, Banbridge v Shankill u-12; 11.15, Banbridge v Shankill u-15.

BILLY NEILL: 9.00, Carrick v Ridgeway u-16; 11.00, Hillsborough v Ridgeway u-12.

RECREATION CENTRE: 9.30, Carrick v Annagh u-13, Glentoran v Loughgall u-15, Linfield v Grosvenor u-17; 11.15, Camlough v Ridgeway u-13, Camlough v Ox Sunnyside u-15, Grosvenor v Newry u-16.

WALLACE PARK: 9.30, Glentoran v Ox Sunnyside u-13, Glentoran v Portadown u-16, Glentoran v Ballymena u-17; 11.15, Windmill v Lisburn Dist u-13, Grosvenor v Ox Sunnyside u-14, Carrick v Lurgan u-15.

ORANGEFIELD: 9.00, Bloomfield v Ridgeway u-15; 111.00, Greenisland v Immaculata u-13.

SUFFOLK: 9.30, Greenisland v Lisburn Dist u-15, Willowbank v Hillsborough u-15; 11.15, Banbridge v Shankill u-14, Banbridge v Willowbank u-17.

RUSHMORE: 9.30, Comber v Ballymacash Rgs u-14.

FULLERTON PARK: 9.30, Banbridge v Solway u-16; 11.15, Hillsborough v Glen Star u-16.