Locals are still in League contention

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Several local teams are in contention for the top spots in the LIsburn Junior Invitational League with few, if any, surprises on Saturday.

Hillsborough Boys are top and Lisburn Youth third in the under-13s, while Youth remain level with Willowbank Youth at the top of the 14s.

Portadown Youth won and went level with ‘Boro, who had no match in the 15s, while Lisburn Distillery Youth still lead the way in the under-16s.

The Whites remained second behind Annagh Utd in the 17s after an easy win over Downshire Youth - Jordan Pegg hitting a hat-trick.

Youth League Results

UNDER-13: Windmill 5, Blackstaff 1; Glenavy 0, N. End 6; Camlough 6, Lisburn Dist 0; Hillsborough 6, Portadown 1; Lisburn Y 6, Lisburn Ladies 2; Loughgall 0, Carrick 3.

UNDER-14: Lisburn Dist 1, TTBS 2; Lisburn Y 6, Hillsborough 1; N. End 1, Willowbank 6; Windmill 6, Tollymore 0; Downpatrick 3, TW Braga 6.

UNDER-15: Lurgan Town 2, Lisburn Dist 1; Shankill 4, Windmill 0; Ballyclare 0, Portadown 6.

UNDER-16: Carrick 6, Wakehurst 0; Ballyclare 3, Ballybot 0; Newry 1, Lisburn Dist 2.

UNDER-17: Annagh 5, Valley Rgs 1; Wakehurst 1, Newry 1; Downshire 0, Lisburn Dist 6; Hillsborough 3, Greenisland 5; Banbridge Rgs 1, Willowbank 2; Banbridge Town B 3, Lisburn Rgs 1.


GLENMORE: 9.30, Lisburn Ladies v Carrick u13, TW Braga v Lisburn Y u14; 11.15, Blackstaff v Lisburn Y u13, Portadown v Lisburn Dist u13.

HAVELOCK PARK: 11.15, Loughgall v Camlough u13.

BARBOUR: 9.30,Downpatrick v TTBS u14, Lurgan Celtic v Carrick u16, Newry v Greenisland u17; 11.15, Hillsborough v Windmill u13, N. End v Glenavy u13, Tollymore v N. End u14.

MOIRA: 9.30, Chimney Corner v Windmill u14; 11.15, Downshire v Valley Rgs u17.

WALLACE PARK: 9.30, Lisburn Dist v Willowbank u14, Banbridge Town B v Willowbank u17; 11.15, Shankill v N. End u15, Ballybot v Wakehurst u16.

BALLYMACOSS: 9.30, Ballyclare v Portadown u15, Lurgan Celtic v Lisburn Dist u15, Banbridge Rgs v Lisburn Dist u17; 11.15, Donegal Celtic v Lisburn Dist u16, Hillsborough v Newry u16, Hillsborough v Annagh u17.

MONDAY, 6.30pm. League except stated

GLENMORE: Hillsborough v Glenavy u13.

MOIRA: Loughgall v Windmill u13.

BARBOUR: Camlough v N. End u13, N. End v TW Braga u14, Wakehurst v Hillsborough u16.

WALLACE PARK: Blackstaff v Lisburn Ladies u13, Portadown v Lisburn Dist u15, Downpatrick v Hillsborough u15 Supp Cup.

BALLYMACOSS: Carrick v Portadown u13, Lisburn Rgs v Lisburn Dist u17, Willowbank v Annagh u17.

RECREATION CENTRE: Willowbank v Windmill u14, Shankill v Lurgan Town u15 Supp Cup, Donegal Celtic v Lurgan Celtic u16.

WEDNESDAY, 6.30pm,

BALLYMACOSS: Camlough v Hillsborough u13, Windmill v Lisburn Dist u13.

BARBOUR: Loughgall v N. End u13, Newry v Willowbank u17, Downshire v Wakehurst u17.

MOIRA: TTBS V Windmill u14.

RECREATION CENTRE: Shankill v Lurgan Celtic u15, Lisburn Dist v Lurgan Celtic u16.

WALLACE PARK: Newry v Hillsborough u16, Banbridge Town B v Lisburn Rgs u17.