Local football round-up

Distillery win top battle

Lisburn Distillery Youth are top of the under-16 section of the Lisburn Junior Invitational League following a 1-0 win over main rivals, Carrick Rangers.

Youth soccer action from the under-13 game between Lisburn Ladies FC and Lisburn Distillery, at Wallace Park. US1541-508cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Youth soccer action from the under-13 game between Lisburn Ladies FC and Lisburn Distillery, at Wallace Park. US1541-508cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

However Distillery were held to a 1-1 draw by Lisburn Rangers Youth in the 17s and the result only helped Annagh Utd remain top.


UNDER-13: Blackstaff 1, Hillsborough 6; Camlough 3, Carrick 0; Lisburn Ladies 3, Lisburn Dist 6; Lisburn Rgs 3, Portadown 6; Lisburn Y 6, Glenavy 0; Loughgall 1, TW Braga 0; N. End 2, Windmill 3.

UNDER-14: Downpatrick 6, Lisburn Dist 1; Hillsborough 1, Lisburn Y 4; Tollymore 4, Chimney Corner 1; TW Braga 6, Ballymena 1; Willowbank 6, N. End 2; Windmill 1, TTBS 1.

UNDER-15: Windmill 0, Downpatrick 3; Hillsborough 6, N. End 0; Lurgan Celtic 1, Portadown 2; Lisburn Dist 0, Shankill 4.

UNDER-16: Ballybot 4, Lurgan Celtic 2; Ballyclare 2, Wakehurst 0; Hillsborough 1, Donegal Celtic 4; Lisburn Dist 1, Carrick 0.

UNDER-17: Banbridge Town A 2, Willowbank 4; Greenisland 6, Downshire 2; Hillsborough 4, BanbridgeTown B 1; Lisburn Dist 1, Lisburn Rgs 1; Newry 2, Wakehurst 3; Valley Rgs 1, Annagh 3.


DRUMBO: 9.30, Carrick v Lisburn Y u13; 11.30, Glenavy v Lisburn Rgs u13.

MOIRA: 9.30, Lisburn Dist v Windmill u14, Lisburn Dist v Lurgan Town u15; 11.30, Hillsborough v Loughgall u13, TTBS v Hillsborough u14.

BALLYMACOSS: 9.30, Ballymena v Willowbank u14, Lurgan Celtic v Hillsborough u16, Willowbank v Newry u17; 11.30, Lisburn Dist v Camlough u13, Donegal Celtic v Newry u16, Lisburn Rgs v Valley Rgs u17.

BARBOUR: 9.30, Windmill v Lisburn Ladies u13, Wakehurst v Ballybot u16, Wakehurst v Greenisland u17; 11.30, Portadown v Blackstaff u13, Chimney Corner v Downpatrick u14, Annagh v Hillsborough u17.

WALLACE PARK: 9.30, TW Braga v N. End u13, N. End v Tollymore u14, N. End v Hillsborough u15; 11.30, Lisburn Y v TW Braga u14, Portadown v Downpatrick u15, Banbridge Town B v Lisburn Dist u17.

FULLERTON PARK: 9.30, Ballyclare v Shankill u15, Carrick v Ballyclare u16.

HAVELOCK PARK: 9.30, Banbridge Rgs v Banbridge Town A u17; 11.30, Lurgan Celtic v Windmill u15.


Premier Division

Warren YM had a player sent-off after 20 minutes and missed a penalty with five minutes left before losing 4-3 to Ballymacash YM.

Indeed, Warren were 3-2 up at one stage with goals from Craig McCutcheon, Chris Hull and Nathan Reynolds. Ballymacash replied through James Thompson 2, Dexter Faulkner and Jordan Johnson.

Glaston were 4-2 winners away to Belvoir FC, whose scorers were Stephen Donaghy and Stephen Patterson. FC Utd Lisburn beat Lambeg Rangers 3-0.

Division 1

Brazilian Vinnie Olivera scored both goals for Warren YM II in a 2-1 win over Ballymacash YM II, whose goal came from Stephen Keag.

Gareth Walker and Eddie Gilmore were the scorers when Woodvale YM beat 1st Lisburn II 2-1 and Bloomfield III won by the same scoreline against Orangefield OB III. Darren Young gave Orangefield the lead but Simon Harris and Eddie Ritchie replied.

Phil Davidson scored for Cregagh Wanderers but they were disappointing in a 2-1 loss to Colin Valley III. Ballymacash Rangers III beat Belvoir FC II 5-1.

Division 2

Colin Mack and Andrew Jackson both scored twice and the other goals came from Kyle Morrison and Gareth Johnston in a 6-0 win over Newtown Forest III.

10th Old Boys were 7-0 winners over Lambeg Rangers II. Stephen Osborne 2, Reece McGarvey, Philip Allen, Ryan Stewart, Robbie Madden and an own goal made up the total.

Gareth Marcus hit a hat-trick and Martin McDowell and Jay Pearce also scored when Sandy Row II beat South Antrim II 5-1

Moira Albion II continued their good run with a 6-0 win over Glenavy III and John Craig hit a third successive hat-trick in a 3-2 win for Victoria Athletic over Harmony Hill.

Ironside Cup

Paul Hill scored two and Paul Donaldson got the other one when Taughmonagh YM just edged out Sandy Row in a second round tie

The up-to-date line-up for the Ironside Cup quarter finals read: Glaston v Woodvale YM, South Antrim v Bloomfield III/1st Lisburn, Taughmonagh YM v Warren YM II/Warren YM, Ballymacash YM III v 1st Lisburn II/Ballymacash YM/Ballymacash YM II.


Premier Division

Ballymacash YM 4 Warren YM 3

Berlvoir FC 2 Glaston 4

Lambeg Rgs 0 FC Utd Lisburn 3

Division 1

1st Lisburn II 1 Woodvale YM 2

Orangefield OB III 1 Bloomfield III 2

Warren YM II 2 Ballymacash YM II 1

Cregagh Wand 1 Colin Valley III 2

Ballymacash Rgs III 5 Belvoir FC II 1

Division 2

10th Old Boys 7 Lambeg Rgs II 0

Sandy Row II 5 South Antrim II 1

Newtown Forest III 0 Ballymacash YM III 6

Glenavy III 0 Moira Albion II 6

Victoria Ath 3 Harmony Hill 2

Ironside Cup, First Round

Taughmonagh YM 3 Sandy Row 2

South Antrim 6 Taughmonagh YM II 3

Fixtures for Saturday, all 2pm kick-off

PREMIER DIVISION: FC Utd Lisburn v South Antrim, Belvoir FC v Ballymacash YM, Sandy Row v Lambeg Rgs.

DIVISION 1: 1st Lisburn II v Cregagh Wand, Ballymacash YM II v Taughmonagh YM II, Ballymacash Rgs III v Colin Valley III, Orangefield OB III v Belvoir FC II.

DIVISION 2: Victoria Ath v 10th OB, Sandy Row II v Glenavy III, Moira Albion II v Newtown Forest III, Harmony Hill v South Antrim II, Ballymacash YM III v Lambeg Rgs II.

IRONSIDE CUP, second round: Warren YM II v Warren YM, Bloomfield III v 1st Lisburn; quarter final: Glaston v Woodvale YM.

IFA JUNIOR CUP, second round: Willowfield FC v Taughmonagh YM.