Hillsborough do well to beat Windmill

Action from the under-13 game between Hillsborough Boys and Glenavy, at Wallace Park. US1537-542cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Action from the under-13 game between Hillsborough Boys and Glenavy, at Wallace Park. US1537-542cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Hillsborough Boys had a good 4-1 win over Windmill Stars in the under-14 section of the Lisburn Junior Invitational League.

They were 2-1 ahead against the wind at half-time thanks to two goals from Carson Elliott. They added two more after the break through Josh McBurney and Rhys Gregory.

It was a good day for the Boys with four wins out of five matches from under-13 upwards.


UNDER-13: Camlough 6, Lisburn Ladies 0; Carrick 3, Loughgall 0; Glenavy 0, Hillsborough 6; Lisburn Dist 1, Blackstaff 6; Lisburn Y 5, N. End 3; TW Braga 1, Portadown 6;Windmill 4, Portadown 1.

UNDER-14: Ballymena 0, Chimney Corner 1; Hillsborough 4, Windmill 1; Lisburn Dist 6, N. End 2; Lisburn Y 2, Tollymore 3; TTBS 1, Willowbank 2; TW Braga 2, Downpatrick 2; Windmill 6, Ballymena 0.

UNDER-15: Ballyclare 5, Bloomfield 0; Lurgan Celtic 1, Hillsborough 2; Portadown 6, N. End 0; Shankill 5, Lurgan Town 0; Lurgan Celtic 2, Downpatrick 2.

UNDER-16: Ballyclare 3, Hillsborough 2; Carrick 6, Ballybot 1; Lisburn Dist 5, Newry 1; Wakehurst 0, Donegal Celtic 3.

UNDER-17: Banbridge Rgs 2, Annagh 3; Greenisland 4, Newry 1;Lisburn Dist 3, Downshire 0; Lisburn Rgs 2, Banbridge Town B 1; Wakehurst 1, Hillsborough 3, Willowbank 3, Valley Rgs 1.


BALLYMACOSS: 9.30, Hillsborough v Ballymena u14, Lurgan Town v Ballyclare u15, Newry v Ballyclare u16; 11.30, Blackstaff v Windmill u13, Tollymore v TTBS u14, Windmill v TW Braga u14.

MOIRA: 11.30, Camlough v Glenavy u13.

FULLERTON PARK: 9.30, Willowbank v Lisburn Dist u14, Hillsborough v Willowbank u17; 11.30, Lisburn Ladies v Lisburn Y u13, Greenisland v Lisburn Rgs u17.

WALLACE PARK: 9.30, Lisburn Rgs v TW Braga u13, Hillsborough v Carrick u16, Lisburn Dist v Wakehurst u16; 11.30, Loughgall v Lisburn Dist u13, Bloomfield v Lurgan Celtic u15, Lurgan Celtic v Donegal Celtic u16.

BARBOUR: 9.30, N. End v Carrick Rgs u13, N. End v Chimney Corner u14, N. End v Lisburn Dist u15; 11.30, Portadown v Hillsborough u13, u15, Newry v Lisburn Dist u17.

DRUMBO: 9.30, Downpatrick v Shankill u15; 11.30, Downpatrick v Lisburn Y u14.

HAVELOCK PARK: 9.30, Banbridge Town A v Downshire u17; 11.30, Annagh v Banbridge Town B u17.

CHENEY PARK: Friday 8pm, Valley Rgs v Banbridge Rgs u17

RECREATION CENTRE: (9-A-SIDE): 9.00, Colin Valley v Linfield u11, Glenavon v Ridgeway u11, Lisburn Y v Windmill u12, Loughgall v Banbridge u12, Ridgeway v Castle u12, Shankill v Lurgan Town u12; 10.00, Lisburn Y v Ballymena u11, Carrick v Windmill u11, Glenavon v Ballymena u12, Hillsborough v Warrenpoint u12, Chimney Corner v Willowbank u12, Colin Valley v Ox Sunnyside u12.

11.00, Bertie Peacock v Ards u11, Castle v Portadown u11, Hillsborough Colts v Lisburn Dist u11, Hillsborough Juniors v Lisburn Ladies u11TW Braga v Carniny u12, Lisburn Ladies v Hillsborough Colts u12; 12.00, Hillsborough v Warrenpoint u11, Glenavy v Ox Sunnyside u11, Newhill v Larne u12, Portadown v TTBS u12, Annalong v Crumlin u12, Shankill v Carryduff u12.

WILLOWBANK: 10,00, Carniny v Carrick u11, 11.00, TW Braga v N. End u11, 12.00, N. End v Castle u12.