Hillsborough - Distillery clash in Invitational Cup

THE only all-local clash in the first round of the Lisburn Junior Invitational Cup is the under-13 meeting between Hillsborough Boys and Lisburn Distillery Youth at Wallace Park, 11.15 a.m.

On Saturday Lisburn Distillery Youth under-15s had a good 4-0 win over Warrenpoint Town Youth in the NIBFA Cup.


UNDER-13: Ballymena 0, Annagh 4; Carrick 6, Hillsborough 0; Greenisland 0, Donegal Celtic 3; Lurgan 1, Loughgall 1.

UNDER-14: Banbridge 4, Lisburn Dist 5.

UNDER-15: Lurgan 6, Hillsborough 0.

UNDER-17: Crusaders 1, Cliftonille 3.

All other matches postponed.


ALL matches in Cup, first round except stated.

BILLY NEILL: 9.00, Shankill v Ridgeway u-12; 11.00, Ridgeway v Greenisland u-11.

MOIRA: 9.30, Craigavon v Lisburn Dist u-11, Lurgan v Cookstown u-12 League; 11.15, Camlough v Loughgall u-13, Lurgan v Loughgall u-15.

GLENMORE: 9.30, Lisburn Y v Portadown u-11; 11.15, Glentoran v Hillsborough u-11.

BARBOUR: 9.30, Ballymena v Carrick u-11, Hillsborough v Ballymena u-12 League, Ballymena v Annagh u-13; 11.15, Carniny v Loughgall u-11 League, Solway v Ox Sunnyside u-16, Linfield v Grosvenor u-17.

LURGAN: 9.30, Lurgan v Ox Sunnyside u-11.

HAVELOCK PARK: 9.30, Banbridge v Ox Sunnyside u-12; 11.15, Ox Sunnyside v Banbridge u-14 League.

RECREATION CENTRE: 9.30, Loughgall v Lisburn Dist u-12, Glentoran v Ox Sunnyside u-15, Cliftonville v Hillsborough u-17 League; 11.15, Shankill v Carrick u-13, Lisburn Dist v Hillsborough u-14, Glentoran v Newry u-16 League.

WALLACE PARK: 9.30, Portadown v Greenisland u-12, Shankill v Lurgan u-144 League, Willowbank v Banbridge u-17; 11.15, Hillsborough v Lisburn Dist u-13, Shankill v Hillsborough u-15, Willowbank v Camlough u-15.

ORANGEFIELD: 9.00, Glentoran v Donegal Celtic u-13; 11.00, Bloomfield v Carrick u-15.

BALLYMACOSS: 9.30, Lurgan v Greenisland u-13, Comber v Ballymacash Rgs u-14 League, Carrick v Lisburn Dist u-17; 11.15, Windmill v Ox Sunnyside u-13 League, Portadown v Greenisland u-16, Hillsborough v Carrick u-16.

CRYSTAL PARK: 9.30, Banbridge v Dromara u-15.

SUFFOLK: 9.30, Lisburn Dist v Greenisland u-15; 11.15, Lisburn Dist v Grosvenor u-16.

FULLERTON PARK: 9.30, Ridgeway v Glen Star u-16; 11.15, Lower Maze v Ridgeway u-15.

GILFORD: 11.15, Banbridge v Lurgan u-16.

SEAVIEW: 9.00, Glentoran v Crusaders u-17 League.