Fan in call for a 3G pitch at New Grosvenor

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May I draw attention to our ‘City of Sport’ banner at the Civic Centre.

Many people I have spoken to about this great achievement for our city also refer to the fact that local club Lisburn Distillery could not get any of their games played of late due to the situation with their waterlogged pitch.

Local fans think it diabolical in Lisburn to have our main football club in such a plight,and not forget its our city of sport. Surely our local council could help out to improve pitch facilities and im sure its within their power to introduce a 3G all weather pitch at Distillery where the local fans and people of this city could enjoy a first class football surface.

We see this being done at the Leisureplex, some Belfast teams have their all weather pitches for local football.

Lisburn Council, I’m sure, wouldn’t want to be second best when it comes to local sport - football included.

Football Fan

Seymour Hill,