Ballymacash Rangers are champions

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by Harry Allen

Ballymacash Rangers III are South Antrim League Division 2 champions - at present.

A previous report in the Star stated they had been deducted three points which cost them the title to Warren YM II. This was correct at the time but the whole situation is a little complicated.

I have been talking to Ballymacash Rangers’ chairman, Ian Ellison and South Antrim League secretary, Barry McComb, to sort out the problem.

The consensus appears to be that following an incident in the match against Ballymacash YM III one of the claims was that a Rangers’ supporter encroached on to the pitch and the referee’s report also referred to other incidents.

The League committee decided to deduct three points from Rangers, which would cost them the title, but when they sent their decision to the County Antrim Junior FA they were told the League could not deduct these points. However, the Association found Ballymacash guilty of offences.

Rangers then decided to appeal - which is their right - and this appeal at the time of writing is still being considered. If the appeal is upheld Rangers have no case to answer, but if it is turned down the matter is referred back to the League, who according to a rule can deduct three points for “bringing the League into disrepute’’.

Complicated, isn’t it, and the matter is still running. Watch this space!

Who won what in South Antrim

PREMIER DIVISION:1 Ballymacash YM, 2 Braniel YM.

DIVISION 1: 1 Ballymacash YM II, 2 Braniel YM II.

DIVISION 2: 1 Ballymacash Rangers III, 2 Warren YM.

GORDON HANNA TROPHY: 1 Braniel YM, 2 Ballymacash YM.

SUPPLEMENTARY CUP: Ballymacash YM, 2 Sandy Row.

SUPPLEMENTARY PLATE: 1 Ballymacash YM II, 2 Bloomfield III.

WHITESIDE MEMORIAL CUP: 1 Ballymacash Rangers III, 2 Moira Albion II.