Lisburn boxer crowned Co. Antrim Open Champion boy

Lisburn Boxing Club had three boxers entered at the recent Co Antrim Open Championships, which are also the qualifiers for the All Ireland's.

Saturday, 30th April 2016, 11:00 am
Lisburn boxer Ryan Roy was crowned Co Antrim Open Champion Boy 4 at 39KG recently.

Ryan Roy, Austin McAlonane and Dillon Murdough represented the Lisburn club.

First up was Ryan Roy in the Boy 4 39kg Category Semi Final, where he faced Padraig Downey from St John Bosco, who was a double Irish Champion.

As the bell went for Round 1 Ryan was quickly out and on his man as he threw a lovely double jab, which had his opponent on the back foot.

Back Downey came with a big right hand which Ryan moved easily away from. As his opponent followed up Ryan caught him with a nice one, two.

As his opponent threw a big right hook, Ryan rolled underneath it and caught him with a left hook and right to the body.

As the round went on Ryan’s man was getting frustrated as he could not get a lead on Ryan, as Ryan’s movement and speed was fantastic.

In round 2 Ryan’s man was out quick and landed a one, two which had Ryan back peddling, as his opponent followed up Ryan found himself on the ropes and his man went to attack and Ryan slipped a jab and turned his man and counter attacked with a 4 punch combo and moved away smartly, again his man gave chase, but Ryan was too quick and his defense and counter attacking was first class.

The 3rd round was more of the same as Ryan’s movements got him out of trouble and his speed was just too much and in the end won the fight 3-0 to progress onto the final.

In the final Ryan faced another tough fight in Lee McCloskey from Clonard Boxing Club who was much taller.

As the 1st round started Ryan was quickly on his man as he landed a nice jab as he moved and avoided a left hook.

Ryan’s opponent moved forward with a one, two, which Ryan took well and responded with a straight right hand followed by a one, two of his own and smartly moved away.

As the fight went on Ryan’s feet work and movement started to make the difference as he made his opponent start to miss with punches to which Ryan counter attached with good effect.

In the last round Ryan’s opponent knew he had to go all out and tried to push Ryan back, but again Ryan’s feet work and movement got him out of trouble and Ryan started to pick his man off with some nice shots as he made him miss.

Ryan won the fight 3-0 and was crowned Co Antrim Open Champion Boy 4 at 39kg for 2016. Head Coach Martin Laverty said it was a fantastic performance from Ryan. He added he fully deserved to be champion as he fought two very hard fights against two very experienced boy’s and showed great heart and determination and boxed very well.

In the past Ryan has been very unlucky with decisions just not going his way, but he has started to put in the effort in training and it’s starting to pay off as he beat an Irish Champion on the way to winning this competition and a few weeks ago was narrowly beaten in the final of the Ulster 9 Counties by a 3 time Irish Champion.

The other boys, Austin McAlonen and Dillon Murdough were both unlucky as Austin was narrowly beaten in the final by a very experienced boy and Dillon was defeated in the semi-final by the eventual overall winner.

Both lad’s fought well but were “just” beaten by the better man on the night said Head Coach Martin Laverty.

Ryan will now travel to Dublin to fight in the All Ireland’s and Lisburn Boxing Club wish him all the best.