Longstone Street parking fine - ‘I couldn’t believe it’

ON Saturday I received a letter from Civil Enforcement, Liverpool for a fine of £90 (reduced to £45 if paid within two weeks) for parking at 164 Longstone Street, Lisburn.

Apparently there is a ‘free two hour parking’ which I didn’t see or had I noticed this I would have parked somewhere else.

On April 5 I had an afternoon hairdressing appointment for 2pm, which normally would take about two hours, but due to staff absences I had to wait my turn, after which, unaware that I would receive a fine one month later, I did some shopping in the fruit shop, butchers and then the chemist.

You can imagine my shock when I received this fine for parking in Longstone Street; I couldn’t believe it.

Longstone Street needs all the help it can get so instead of encouraging people to shop along this route, it’s doing the opposite.

The fine was from Civil Enforcement Ltd in Liverpool, something to do with National Car Parks. I can understand having a time limit for some areas in Lisburn to discourage all day parking but this was just before 2pm on Friday afternoon and why two hours free and not three?

Even though I didn’t know about the two free hours, I wouldn’t have been in a position to run back to my car anyway, but like I mentioned earlier, I would have parked elsewhere.

I could say that I am never returning to Longstone Street to shop again because that would be unfair. The shopkeepers are so friendly and helpful and still offer a service with friendly smiles and chat.

My £45 could have been better spent in the shops along this area instead of filling some rich person’s pockets in Liverpool.

I am more annoyed at Lisburn Council for allowing this to happen when they should be supporting all the small businesses in this area.