Anxiety over health centre

ON reading with increasing anxiety the article in the Star dated 12 April, 2013, suggesting that it is now too late to seek the views of the users of the Health Centre regarding this crazy proposal.

It is obvious that patients would be the last to be consulted, if at all

Outlined below are a few questions which John Crompton and his colleagues need to answer, to the Tax and Rate paying users, who only pay and have already paid for very many years for this service

(1) Where is the convenience for the user, most who are elderly and the majority dependant on

Public Transport. How are they to get to the LVH, do they walk ? and in a wet day !

(2) Will there be a dedicated car park free of parking charges and not accessible to all for all who currently need and use the Health Centre

(3) What is wrong with the present building?

(4) Has the obvious reduction in town centre footfall due to this proposal been considered. Can we as rate payers see the statistics used to attempt to justify this proposal.

(5) Has the opinion of the Health Centre users been sought,and where and to whom, if anyone, has it been published and approved by the users.

(6) Have all local Council and other representatives been consulted and approved this proposal?

(7) In the virtual absence of publicity why has this proposal not received National publicity

(8) The local traders will lose considerable trade as yet more senior citizens will now only be able to go somehow to the LVH and not shop before in the town centre before taking public transport back home. Where is the convenience referred to in the press article?

I will await comments from my local representatives in good time before the next election.