Young scrambler rider arrested for excess alcohol

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A man observed riding a small scrambler type bike on local footpaths, forcing members of the public to move out of his way, has been arrested after failing a breath test.

Members of Lisburn Citywatch CCTV team alerted police to the male, posting on their Facebook they said: “CityWatch CCTV Operator Radar observed a male riding a small scrambler type bike, on the footpath on Chapel Hill area of Lisburn, forcing members of the public to move out of his way.

Police were informed and unfortunately for the male he drove straight into a traffic call sign who had stopped to grab their dinner.

“The male was stopped and a preliminary breath test (PBT) showed the male to be under the influence of alcohol.

“He was then arrested for wait for it, Driving with Excess Alcohol, No Insurance, No Licence, No Protective Headgear and Failing to Drive on other than a Road, the bike was also seized by police.

“Hopefully there is a microwave in custody so that the traffic officers can heat their dinner up.”