Young people tackle local issues

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Rising pressure from a focus on academic performance in schools, inequality in opportunities available and concerns surrounding mental health are some of the key issues facing young people growing up in Lisburn, says new research from the Health Foundation.

Over 140 young people from Lisburn took part in the research, as part of a wider inquiry which examined five distinct areas across the UK ranging from rural, sparsely populated places to inner city, ethnically diverse areas to understand what life is like for young people today.

Young people took on the role of ‘peer researcher’, running workshops in their communities and then sharing findings with decision makers from the area.

Ben, 19, from Lisburn said: “I was really inspired to be involved in this project and have the opportunity to play a part in improving young people’s health in Lisburn. The research looked at issues that affect our everyday lives, like a lack of safe affordable housing and job opportunities. I hope our work with the local organisations can help make a positive difference.”

Jim Rose, Acting Chief Executive of Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, said: “The passion and enthusiasm shown by Lisburn’s young people is fantastic. We have a plan to improve things for young people in Lisburn and Castlereagh because we know how important these years are for young people’s future health.”