‘Will we see the fountain by the end of the decade?’ scoffs Love

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The under-construction fountain in Market Square should instead have been made into a bandstand.

That’s the view of UKIP’s Alan Love, who would have preferred some seating and a space for local musicians to showcase their talents.

“A tiered block of seats like an auditorium would take advantage of the slope, with of course ample provision for wheels of all kinds - buggies, shopping trolleys, wheel-chairs - not to mention long legs,” he said. “And a perfect site for a small bandstand at the bottom, where local music could have the opportunity to show its talents.

“Instead, as a final legacy from Lisburn City Council, we are to have a grandiose fountain.”

Love evidenced the carnival festivities last weekend as the need for more seating.

He said: “There were many people in Bow Street on Saturday after the Mayor’s Parade. I noticed a number of people were looking for seating. There are, I believe, three benches in total for the elderly and disabled, not to mention tired mums with prams. This is hardly satisfactory.

“Will it be the majestic Trafalgar Square fountain? I wonder will it be finished by the end of this decade.”