Weight-loss dreams come true this Christmas

Members of the Ballymacash Slimming World group dreamed of a light Christmas when they embarked on their seasonal slim in October and now their winter weight-loss wishes have come true, with a fantastic weight loss of almost 91 stone between them.

The challenge was part of an initiative which aimed to help the club’s members enjoy their best Christmas ever and show everyone that it’s possible to slim down with Slimming World whatever the time of year.

The slimmers in the Ballymacash evening group, which is held on Wednesdays at 5.30pm and 7.30pm in Ballymacash Primary School, launched the campaign in October and set themselves mini targets to achieve by December 25.

Ingrid Freeburn, who runs the group, says she’s extremely proud of all of the slimmers.

“In October we asked everyone to think about what they wanted to achieve by Christmas – what would be the best Christmas gift they could give to themselves this year – and write it on a special gift tag. Everyone’s wishes were different, from weight-loss targets like loosing a stone or reaching their target weight, to fitting into a certain outfit. Whatever it was it reminded members how important their weight loss was to them and helped to keep them focused throughout the run up to Christmas.

“The weeks leading up to Christmas are extremely busy for most of us, extra occasions and commitments make it harder than ever to manage our weight. Keeping active when the dark, cold nights close in can be a challenge too. Each week in our group we shared recipes, advice and ideas for coping with potential pitfalls and by sharing ideas and keeping each other motivated, members at the Ballymacash group have been able to stay on track.”

One of the star slimmers in the group, David Rush, has lost an impressive 15 stone since joining Slimming World in January last year.

Ingrid feels that a lot of men worry that slimming groups are only for ladies but on the contrary, men are really welcome at Slimming World and often lose weight faster.

David said: “I can’t believe that I have lost so much weight in a year. I wouldn’t have believed how different I could feel in such a short space of time and I haven’t had to do anything drastic either, just make small easy changes to my eating and activity levels. I feel happier, healthier and full of confidence – it’s the best new start I could have given myself for the New Year.”

For more information, please contact Ingrid Freeburn on 07746 554360.