‘We must follow the evidence’ - Lunn

Trevor Lunn MLA.
Trevor Lunn MLA.

Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn has criticised a move by the Westminster Defence Committee to back a statue of limitations stopping investigation or prosecution of former British soldiers for murders during the Troubles.

The Alliance Party’s Justice spokesperson said that if there is evidence against soldiers for killings during the Troubles, then prosecutions should be brought.

“In all such cases, we should follow the evidence,” Mr Lunn commented.

Adding that he “opposed any immunity”, the local Assemblyman added: “Ex-members of the armed forces should be treated exactly the same as anyone else in a similar situation. If the evidence is there for any killings, it should be put before the Director of Public Prosecutions to allow a decision to be made whether to prosecute.”

The report by the Defence Committee said it favours a statue of limitations, coupled with a truth-recovery process to help bereaved families.

Unionist politicians and Army veterans have welcomed the move, but it has been criticised by many political representatives from other sections of the community.