Wallace Prep pupils take on the copper challenge

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WALLACE Preparatory pupils were recently encouraged to participate in a copper coin challenge as part of Maths Week Ireland.

The Preparatory Mathematics Co-ordinator, Mrs Latham organised a range of events throughout the week for both parents and pupils. Parents of Primary 4 and 5 children went back to school learning how to develop their children’s mental recall, whilst Pre Prep parents enjoyed learning how to make Mathematics fun through every day activities. The Primary Six children enjoyed a special visit to a Maths Magic Show at Stranmillis University College and teachers enjoyed developing their own Mathematical skills at a special staff meeting.

At the end of the week, Mrs Latham challenged all pupils from Primary One–Primary Seven to bring in copper coins in a bid to see which class would cover the biggest surface area.

The copper challenge was aimed at teaching younger pupils the value of smaller coins. Primary One pupils enjoyed making pictures with them and using them for play shopping activities in their airport shop.

The older children investigated which amount of coins would have a larger surface area and enjoyed testing their predictions and estimations. The children discovered that the two pence coin had a larger surface area and therefore it quickly became the coin of choice for the challenge.

The Preparatory Pupils were extremely competitive in trying to win the copper challenge with many children even going to the bank to exchange larger coins for coppers. The Primary Six class won the challenge covering a surface area of around six metres.

When the children from the Department have counted up the coins the final amount will be donated to the Help Fix SAM (Struggle Against Muscular Dystrophy) Charity. This is a local charity which aims to help fund research for a treatment for Muscular Dystrophy. This charity is very close to our hearts in the Preparatory Department.

Parent, Mrs McCausland is the co-founder of the charity and to date has raised nearly half a million pounds for this worthy cause.