Voters are urged to seize the day

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UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate for Lagan Valley, Alan Love, has urged the voters of Lagan Valley to seize the opportunity to start taking back their country when they go to the polls next week.

“Here in Lagan Valley we are starting to seriously feel the adverse effects of uncontrolled immigration from the European Union,” said Mr Love.

“These show in lost employment opportunities for school leavers, pressures on our National Health Service, shortage of social housing and insufficient capacity in our education system.

“These adverse outcomes of the EU free movement policies impact most seriously on low paid working families and when decent members of these communities complain they are often branded as ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’ by unsympathetic members of Northern Ireland’s political class who like to think they can instruct others on how to think.

“Added to this situation is the rapid erosion of democracy and freedom due to most of our legislation now being generated by the unelected a European Commission.

“Also a devolved government at Stormont that languishes under compulsory coalition rules, with no requirement of collective responsibility in its Executive and has no arrangements for an official opposition.

“None of the other national parties and certainly none of the Northern-Ireland-Only parties show the will or capability to remedy these situations.

“Only UKIP are insisting that future Secretaries of State for Northern Ireland should have established pro-Union credentials. Only UKIP is insisting that any arrangement to support a minority government must include an immediate In/Out Referendum on European Union membership.

“There were, briefly, signs that The DUP would support this latter stance and put the true interests of the Northern Ireland electorate to the fore but these were rapidly dashed by Gregory Campbell MLA who back pedalled to a position of renegotiation, even though the Commission President has ruled out discussion on free movement.

“So the choice is clear next Thursday. Vote UKIP and begin returning the UK to its people or vote for any of the other parties and continue to lose our freedom.”