Volunteers praised after ice rescue

L-R Bobby McCormick, Jamie Fleming, Edwin Poots MLA and Jason Milliken.
L-R Bobby McCormick, Jamie Fleming, Edwin Poots MLA and Jason Milliken.

Three Lisburn SAFE Volunteers have been praised by a woman who fell on the ice and broke her leg.

Jamie Fleming and Jason Miliken came to Bev Wright’s assistance in December when she fell while walking her dog along the Lagan tow path.

The volunteers initially helped the casualty then called a further SAFE Volunteer, Bobby McCormick, who assisted as well.

The Lisburn SAFE Project is a new community safety initiative by the Lisburn PSP.

Bev was so appreciative of the volunteers’ help she posted a message to the group’s Facebook page. She said; “I would just like to thank the lovely lads from Hillhall Lisburn safe group for their help.

“I was out walking my dog along Lagan tow path when I took a fall on the ice and broke my leg. They rushed over to me and my daughter and kept me safe and warm giving me their very coats to lie on and directing the ambulance crew to me as well as helping push me in the trolley up a very steep hill to ambulance.”

She continued: I can’t remember their names but a very big thankyou from and my family. Two of the lasd were young and I’d just also like to praise their parents for rearing such well mannered helpful lads. I don’t know how to repay - much respect and thanks.”

Jonathan McMullan, Lisburn SAFE Volunteer Co-ordinator said: “I am extremely proud of Jason, Jamie and Bobby who are volunteers within Resurgam Trust’s Lisburn SAFE Project. This act highlights the effectiveness of the highly trained volunteers that we have at our disposal. It shows the importance of having Lisburn SAFE based within the community so they can immediately respond to these type of situations. We would like to wish the lady all the best with her recovery.”