Visitor thanks ‘decent, honest people’ after she’s reunited with lost handbag

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A woman from England who lost her handbag while visiting Lisburn recently has thanked the “decent, honest people” who ensured she got her bag back.

Elaine Jones from Stafford was visiting family in Dunmurry earlier this month when she and her husband decided to take a trip to Lisburn to do some shopping.

“On Monday, March 7 my husband and I visited Lisburn using Ulsterbus. After we had done some shopping we returned to the bus station to catch our bus. As we were approaching Lambeg I discovered that I had left my handbag on the seat we had sat on waiting for our bus,” Elaine explained.

“I was in a right state as in my bag were gift vouchers, mobile phone, purse with bank cards and cash.

“The driver was extremely helpful he phoned the Belfast depot and got the number for the Lisburn depot. He was going to phone for me but we didn’t want to hold the bus up any more.

“I phoned the Lisburn bus depot and they said they would check and call again in 15 minutes.

“The good news is that a elderly lady using a walking frame had found my bag and, bless her, had handed it in.”

Elaine contacted the Ulster Star this week to publicly thank the bus driver for his efforts and the lady who handed her bag in.

“I would like to say ‘thank you’ to the bus driver for going the extra mile to assist me and also the very kind, honest lady who handed my bag in.

“It goes to prove that there are still some decent honest people around,” she said.

Unfortunately Elaine doesn’t know the name of the ‘honest lady’, but said she’d love to get her details so she can send her a thank you card.