Vandalism condemned

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Councillor Alexander Redpath has hit out at vandals who damaged the Moira village sign.

The sign was daubed with paint to read ‘IRA Young Hoods’.

“This is an appalling incident and I wholeheartedly condemn those who vandalised the sign,” said Mr Redpath. “I can’t imagine that anyone from the village would carry out this act and suspect that the vandals come from further afield.

“I informed council officers of this incident and a clean-up team was dispatched to make good the damage. I commend council officers for their quick response but sadly this vandalism has deflected resources from the day to day work of the council officers.

“Given the extent to which Moira suffered at the hands of republican terrorists I am unsurprised by the hurt and upset this act has caused to residents of the village. If anyone has any information about the vandalism I would urge them to contact police immediately using the non-emergency 101 number.”