Vandalism concerns for new bus shelters

Paul Givan
Paul Givan

Concerns have been raised that new bus shelters would be vandalised, no matter where they are erected in Lisburn.

The concerns were made on social media following 
Paul Givan MLA’s appeal to the public last week to 
help identify the best locations for any new bus 

He said: “Since 2010 there has been no bus shelters erected anywhere in Lisburn and when representation was made the response was always negative 
because the contract to erect new bus shelters was 
entirely independent of Translink.

“This has now changed and Translink is taking much greater control of the issue and I have been given assurances that new 
bus shelters will be established.

“I would appeal to the public to contact my office or Translink directly if they need a bus shelter as a list is being drawn up for consideration.”

Samuel Willoughby said: “No matter where you put them the young ones will break them anyway. It’s 
like putting yellow zig zag lines outside schools. 
It attracts people to park in them when lifting kids from school, 
so these will attract the 

Robert Nesbitt agreed and argued they would need to be ‘teenager proof’.

“Skyline Drive could do with a few but are they teenager proof? They are always breaking the glass windows,” he said.

Samuel Brayshay called for shelters to be erected at the public taxi stands.

He said: “I would like the council to consider putting shelters at both public 
taxi stands in the City. Standing with bags of shopping 
on wet days does nothing 
for the image of a modern