UKIP the only party ‘tough on defence’

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UKIP’s Westminster candidate for Lagan Valley, Alan Love, has welcomed the launch of his party’s defence policy.

Mr Loves said UKIP’s policy was a staunch defence of the armed forces which have been in the firing line in recent years because of cuts.

Mr Love said, “Lagan Valley has close associations with the armed forces, especially with Thiepval Barracks being located in Lisburn. I am therefore delighted that UKIP have launched a defence policy which commits to rebuilding our forces and discharging our duty to those who serve and who have served in those forces.

“UKIP is the only party that has found the money to commit to Britain’s NATO obligations of spending 2% of GDP on our defence budget – and UKIP is the only party committed to a Veteran’s Administration, with its own minister at the heart of government, to ensure our men and women are properly looked after after they serve our country.

“We recognise we need to prioritise those who have served: for mental health care from our NHS, for social housing, and for jobs – whether that is in the police, in prisons, or in our border control. Only UKIP is committed to this.

“We believe in Britain. We believe in our armed forces. We believe in defending this country. We believe in treating our service men and women with the respect they deserve.”