Two arrested for theft thanks to CCTV Team

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Two people have been arrested for theft after they were spotted by members of the Citywatch CCTV team.

A spokesperson for Citywatch said: “Yesterday afternoon CCTV Operators received a report from a CityWatch member of two females acting suspiciously in the Bow Street area.

“The females were then observed entering a store and leaving a few minutes later with a handbag, a few quick checks revelled that the female hadn’t paid for her new handbag.

“Police were informed and directed to the female who denied all knowledge of having the bag until officers were shown footage of the female walking down Bow Street proudly sporting her new handbag. The female was then arrested for theft and her new handbag removed from her.”

Also on that date, CCTV manager known as the Boss caught a male in the middle of a theft, they added: “While that was going on The Boss was out and about the area of Market Square when he spied a male who was wanted for theft from a Bow Street store on two separate occasions.

“The male was stopped and detained by The Boss until police arrived and the male then made full admissions of the thefts and will be reported to the Public Prosecution Service for theft.”