TUV’s Morrison makes a pre-poll appeal

Lagan Valley TUV candidate Samuel Morrison has said he has been encouraged by the response on the doorstep and is encouraging people to trust him with their vote next Thursday.

“The response on the doors has been excellent and it is clear that large numbers of people in Lagan Valley greatly appreciate the work which Jim Allister has been doing in Stormont,” said Mr Morrison.

“I ask that those people entrust me with their vote on 8th May so that we can build a Province wide movement for real democratic reform of devolution in this part of the United Kingdom and to send a clear and unambiguous message to the parties who have lamentably failed that enough is enough. “We cannot continue taking money which should be going to our schools and hospitals to sustain those on welfare as Sinn Fein demands. Our regional debt now stands at an eye watering £1.8 billion. This needs to stop.

“Education has been subjected to chaos by Republican Ministers who have a destructive, not a constructive, agenda.

“All the time the Britishness of Northern Ireland is under attack while those who sought to break British rule in Northern Ireland are running around with comfort letters which means they will never be called to account for their crimes.

“On the key national issue in this election – EU membership – TUV is clear. We demand an early referendum and pledge to campaign for the UK to liberate itself from the shackles of Brussels if and when such a vote is called. Only then will we be fully in control of our own destiny when it comes to making our laws and, crucially, only then will we have control over our own borders and be able to set a sensible immigration policy.

“In contrast to others, TUV has a clear message on all the big issues in this election. I am totally committed to the future of Lagan Valley Hospital and want to see investment in it rather than a continued downgrading of its services.

“Others claim to be fighting to protect the hospital while ignoring the fact that they held the health Ministry while the A and E became part-time and Lagan Valley lost a third of its beds. I want to see jobs and investment attracted to Lagan Valley.

“While others talk about this they ignore the fact that Lagan Valley only had one visit through Invest NI in 2011/12 and seven in 2012/13 by potential foreign investors. In the same period Belfast constituencies have been feted with 739 foreign investment visits.

“I want to see an end to what Gerry Adams described as the “Republican Trojan horse” of equality and have a clear message on abortion. Proposals which have been put forward by the Department of Justice, like the 1967 Abortion Act in Great Britain, may appear moderate and reasonable but the reality is that they are the thin end of the wedge and once we start tampering with the current law we run the risk of effectively ending up with abortion on demand.

“A vote for TUV is a vote for a better deal for Lagan Valley and a better deal for Northern Ireland generally. A vote for the same old parties will only deliver more of the same.