TUV hit out at the DUP over Regional Park nominations

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Lisburn and Castlereagh TUV Councillor Andrew Girvan has criticised the DUP over the recent nominations to the Lagan Valley Regional Park, which excluded current Chairman Jenny Palmer.

“The manner in which this was done was most unsatisfactory,” said Mr Girvan.

“The decision was rushed through without any debate or discussion. That was totally wrong.

“The DUP have attempted to pull a fast one and I regard it as petty, vindictive politics against a former member of their party.

“Councillor Palmer has established a reputation for decency and honesty in politics which is in stark contrast to the general contempt in which politics is held.

“The manner in which this matter was handled goes some way towards explaining why so many people have a problem with politics today.

“TUV believes in transparency in all areas of government, including local council. It simply isn’t good enough to have a matter proposed and seconded without any notice that this will take place or opportunity for reflection much less debate.”