Tributes paid to Lisburn schoolboy

Bradley Logan
Bradley Logan

A former Linfield manager has paid tribute to his ten-year-old grandson from Lisburn, who died suddenly at a funfair in Newcastle, on Friday.

Eric Bowyer, said his grandson Bradley Logan, who attended Harmony Hill Primary School, had just enjoyed lunch with his family in a restaurant, a short time before he died.

Mr Bowyer described the boy, who collapsed around 3pm as someone who was “full of energy”.

“He was the sweetest natured child I have ever met,” he said. “He loved people and people of all ages warmed to him.”

He continued, “He was playing on the amusements one minute and then he went onto another amusement the helter skelter and when he went to the top again, he didn’t come down again.

“The thing that brings me most comfort; that one minute earlier he was doing what he wanted - being in the midst of things and then the next minute he didn’t regain consciousness.”