Trevor comes to David’s rescue

LOCAL man Trevor Leckey has come to the rescue of a disabled man from Coleraine, who had been left utterly housebound for four weeks, after his specially adapted vehicle was vandalised.

Monday, 27th May 2013, 10:58 am
Trevor Leckey with David Hall

Trevor who is disabled himself paid over £500 for the vehicle to be fixed which now means that David Hall (26) who suffers from cerebral palsy is now well on the way to getting back on the road again.

Vandals are believed to have got into David’s home and put stones, salt and sugar into the oil tank and then cut the brake cable.

Trevor explained, “There was hundreds of pounds worth of damage caused and David was at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

“David only receives limited financial support each month from the government and the repairs were set to cost more than a month’s income for him.

“David was left housebound and a little helpless by this event. When I read the story and given my own situation felt hI had to do something. We called and got David’s information and spoke to him about his situation. I was only too happy to help.”

It was only when David was coming out of Asda in Coleraine that he discovered the damage as his trike started to lose power. He was forced to free wheel the vehicle and bring it to safety. He left it on the hard shoulder and managed to get help. The vehicle was then towed away and it was only when the mechanics looked at it they discovered the extent of the damage

“I called the RAC and the mechanic took the trike away to have a look at it,” said David.

“The next day he rang me to tell me that he thought someone had tampered with the trike.

“These people are sick in the head and they don’t realise what they have done because it’s my only means of getting around.” he said.

“I have lived in this house for eight years and just can’t understand why I have been targeted,

“Whoever these people are they have no regard for disabled people. They must be sick in the head. Parents should take responsibility and if they know who they are, they should punish them for their actions.

“I could not thank Trevor enough. He has changed my life. He has given me back my lifeline.”