Police offer road safety advice

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The Ulster Grand Prix returns this week and Police in Lisburn and Castlereagh City are appealing to everyone in the motorcycling community to Ride Safe and Ride Steady.

Superintendent Sean Wright, PSNI District Commander for Lisburn and Castlereagh City said: “As a motorcyclist myself, I am reminded daily that we are more vulnerable when out on the roads. The greater the speed the more violent the crash.

“Emulating your favourite professional racer on public roads will at the least get you into trouble with police. At most, you could be involved in a fatal collision.

“Three riders have died in motorcycle collisions in Northern Ireland this year and I make a heartfelt plea to all bikers. If you are coming to Dundrod, ride with safety in mind, stay within the speed limits and ride steady.

“Anyone seen riding in an erratic or dangerous fashion will be stopped by police. In addition, we are reminding all drivers that they need to be aware of greater numbers of motorcyclists using the road network, particularly when emerging from and turning into junctions.

“Police will continue to robustly enforce road safety.”

“The vast majority of Grand Prix participants and fans leave the racing to the professionals on closed roads, but sadly there will always be a minority who through their own selfishness or stupidity, will give race fans a bad name.”

The main roads affected during the Grand Prix are Hannahstown Road, Rock Road, Leathemstown Road, Quarterland Road, Tornagrough Road, Upper Springfield Road.

The minor roads affected are Rushyhill Road, Budore Road, Glenside Road, Ballycolin Road, Tullyrusk Road, Cochranestown Road, Sycamore Road, Fort Road.

A list of all the roads affected will be placed on PSNI Lisburn’s Facebook page as well as the News Section of the PSNI’s official website wwww.psni.police.uk