No cuts coming for Lisburn’s public transport

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Assurances have been given that cuts will not be made to the Lisburn public transport system.

Translink recently held public consultations on the future of public transport, with concerns being expressed that local routes and services could face the axe.

However, Lisburn Councillor Alexander Redpath has said he has been given assurances that local commuter services are to be protected from a review of Translink’s services following reductions in their public subsidy.

“Translink are currently carrying out a consultation on rail services in Northern Ireland, explained Mr Redpath.

“I welcome assurances from Translink that these services will be protected.

“However, I will continue to lobby Translink to retain early morning and evening services as these provide a vital lifeline to people without access to private transportation.

“I am particularly concerned about reductions to late evening services as this could adversely affect popular services for social users.”

Translink gave assurances that the impact in Lisburn would be ‘minimal’.

A spokesperson for Translink said: “We wish to ensure that rail services are accessible and efficient while at the same time providing the best value for money.

“However in response to the funding deficit we need to make adjustments and to do this we need to ascertain and better understand our passengers travel needs. As such you will be aware we are currently conducting on train surveys.

“These are targeting people that use services that are lightly used e.g. very early morning and late evening on the Portadown Line. Any potential changes to the timetable following this feedback will have minimal impact on our Lisburn passengers.

“As our local manager highlighted, Lisburn is a key commuter station and an important corridor on the rail network. Our final public event will take place next Tuesday in Belfast Central and we will continue with the on board surveys until May 1.”