City centre parking problems continue

A parked car blocks a delivery lorry from gaining access to Haslems Lane.
A parked car blocks a delivery lorry from gaining access to Haslems Lane.

A lack of parking enforcement continues in Lisburn city centre six months after it was acknowledged signs needed to be corrected for it to take place.

In December the Star reported that traders had expressed concern at the ‘free reign’ on parking the city following the public realms works.

At the time the Department for Regional Development (DRD) said: “A number of signs erected by Lisburn Public Realm contractor are wrong and need to be replaced before enforcement can take place.”

When queried about the ongoing lack of parking enforcement the DRD’s successor, the Department for Infrastructure claimed that final amendments to the signage were still being completed.

A DFI spokesman said: “Parking enforcement in both Market Square and Haslems Lane will begin once the final amendments to the appropriate signage have been completed.

“The legislation changes are currently in place and we would expect enforcement to start in the near future.”

One Lisburn resident highlighted the problems it is cuasing in the city centre, particularly in Market Square and Haslems Lane.

She witnessed non-blue badge holders parking in disabled bays and Haslems Lane being blocked off by parked cars.

“Haslems Lane has never been a car park but it is being used every day now,” she said.

“There is no room for pedestrians or delivery drivers to get down it.”

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council confirmed the work on signage was ongoing but said it expected traffic wardens would deal with parking infringements in the meantime.

A council spokesperson said: “The parking designation signage in Lisburn City Centre, including Haslems Lane and Market Square is almost completed.

“The Disabled Parking bays are clearly marked and these parking bays are only for registered disabled parking/blue badge holders.

“The Council’s opinion is that persons who park in disabled bays, and who are not entitled to do so, would be subject to traffic warden enforcement.”