Call for a new speed limit in Hillsborough

The accident blackspot on the Dromara Road in Hillsborough.
The accident blackspot on the Dromara Road in Hillsborough.

Lisburn Councillor John Palmer has called on Roads Service to introduce a reduced speed limit on a section of the Dromara Road in Hillsborough.

Mr Palmer said he had spoken to residents who have witnessed at least seven accident at the same spot over the past year, with many cars losing control and veering off the road into the field belonging to a local farmer.

“There has been a number of accidents over the last year and it is important that Roads Service introduce immediate measures before lives are lost,” said Mr Palmer.

“It seems that as vehicles come out of the bend, drivers lose control and cars have been ploughing into the farmers field and one has nearly ended up in a residents garden.”

Recently, there were two accidents on the same day and Mr Palmer said it is important that action is taken to prevent any more serious incidents.

“A car was involved in a single vehicle collision earlier that morning and a 4x4 jeep later collided with the parked vehicle and careered into the farmers field causing damage to property and electricity supply,” explained Mr Palmer.

“There is a need for traffic calming in the area,” he continued.

“At the minute the road has a national speed limit of 60mph, which in my opinion is too high. This is something that Roads Service need to look at as a matter of urgency,

“There is a definite history of accidents on that part of the road and a pattern has certainly emerged.”

Mr Palmer has been in contact with Roads Service, seeking a meeting at the site of the accidents so that discussions can ben held on the best way to t ackle the issue.

“Something needs to done before someone is killed at this junction,” concluded Mr Palmer,