Blind N.I. person forced on to busy road as parked cars block footpath

A blind person in Northern Ireland was forced on to a busy road because the footpath they were on was blocked by parked cars.

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 12:59 pm
The incident occurred in Lisburn. (Photo: P.S.N.I.)

The incident occurred in the Warran Park area of Lisburn on Thursday morning.

The P.S.N.I. received a complaint about car parking in the area via social media.

"Please remember that pavements are for pedestrians," said the P.S.N.I.

The incident occurred in Lisburn. (Photo: P.S.N.I.)

"On the occasion reported a visually impaired person had to move out on to the road with their guide dog to manoeuvre around the parked vehicles.

"This would be the same for anyone pushing a pram or wheelchair users.

"Please do not block footpaths when parking your vehicle, there are numerous public car parks in Lisburn that could be used instead," added police.