Train station parking plan on the way

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Translink has revealed it is exploring an option to enhance parking availability at Lisburn Train Station.

The confirmation comes after a local resident contacted the Ulster Star to complain about parking at the station.

With only 46 spaces available, Amy Rodgers said that getting parked every morning is a stressful task.

She said: “If you try and park after 8am you won’t get parked anywhere, including the surrounding residential streets. It’s really stressful for commuters and it’s been going on for years and nothing has been done to resolve it.

“I don’t even have the freedom to drop my son to school before work because I know I would never get parked for the train. I’ve actually received verbal abuse from residents for parking on their street which I hate doing but there’s no other option. It’s a scramble every morning to park. I travel by train five days a week but I am seriously considering driving.”

There had been plans for Translink to develop a new railway halt and Park & Ride facility ‘West Lisburn’ on a new site, with secure parking for approximately 400 cars, however Translink has said this is currently subject to the planning process.

UUP Councillor Alexander Redpath said: “The parking provision at Lisburn Station is extremely limited. There’s a strong demand for public transport in the City of Lisburn. Translink have parked their plans for Lisburn West train station which would provide hundreds of park and ride spaces for rail users in Lisburn.

“It is absolutely essential that Lisburn West station proceeds as quickly as possible, especially considering the growth that is taking place in the city.

“I would urge Translink to reconsider their position on the West Lisburn Train station and in the interim I would urge them to make additional parking available for people in Lisburn as the West Lisburn Station is being delivered.”

A Translink spokesperson said: “The Planning Application was lodged for a new railway station at Lisburn West in late 2014. The application is subject to the planning process.

“We are currently exploring an option to enhance the parking availability for rail customers using Lisburn Station.

“In addition we launched a new Ulsterbus City service ‘325m’ in July to convey customers to/from Lisburn Train Station, serving Belsize Road, Boomers Road, Derriaghy Road and Pond Park Road.

“This service operates Monday to Friday and full details can be found on our website

“The existing Park and Ride facility at Lisburn station consists of 46 car parking spaces and two disabled spaces”.

“On the Portadown line, we are also due to commence work later this month on a new Park and Ride facility at Portadown Station which will see an additional 340 spaces added by Autumn 2018”.