‘Traffic options’ to be looked at for Moira

Moira village
Moira village

Councillor Alexander Redpath has welcomed what he has described as Transport NI’s ‘creative solutions’ in controlling traffic in Moira.

Transport NI in a statement said that they could not justify spending up to £40m for a bypass but instead will look at other ‘traffic options’ for Moira.

“Given the costs involved the Department do not consider a conventional by pass to be justifiable in the current environment,” Mr Redpath said. “However, I welcome the announcement that the Department are setting up a traffic model which will identify options to relieve Moira traffic.

“We need to be creative in finding solutions to traffic build up from the M1 Motorway and the proposed traffic model may identify innovative solutions.”

In a statement Transport NI said the cost of building a bypass was too high.

A Transport NI spokesperson said: “Transport NI’s efforts in recent years has been focused on mitigating the effects of through traffic on Moira village and improving road safety.

“Transport NI is setting up a traffic model that will allow a traffic ‘options’ study for the village to be taken forward.

“This will consider further localised road improvements and the potential for improved access from the M1 motorway.

“Previous work identified with the BMA Plan and the Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan did not identify any need for a Moira by-pass.

“Based on recent similar road schemes, the cost of a by-pass is estimated to be £30m-£40m.

“As Moira is not on the strategic road network, the significant capital investment would be difficult to justify within the economic climate.”