Traffic lights demand after latest accident

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There has been a new call for traffic lights to be installed at the junction of the Knockmore Road and Ballinderry Road.

The latest urgent call comes after yet another accident was reported at the busy junction last week.

Councillor Alexander Redpath has been leading the campaign for traffic lights at this location for some time.

“I received reports from local residents of another accident last week on this stretch of the Knockmore Road,” explained Councillor Redpath.

“Sadly collisions are a frequent occurrence at this location as drivers become frustrated with waiting times and attempt to emerge onto the Knockmore Road when it is not safe to do so.

“A fatality occurred on this stretch of road late last year.

“There has been significant development in this area of Lisburn over the past ten years. It was anticipated that further development would take place and the signalisation of a number of junctions on the Knockmore Road was anticipated by the Planning Service as the development continued.

“Sadly the development company entered into insolvency as a result of the property crash.

“This has left residents in a limbo as the administrators are unwilling and unable to complete the full scale of anticipated development.

“There is thus uncertainty over exactly who is responsible for signalising the junction.

“I call upon the Department of the Environment, who were responsible for planning at the time, to step in and install these lights which would improve safety on this road.

“I am aware that a number of departments are working collaboratively on this issue but I would urge them to act quickly before further serious collisions occur on this road.”