Rider Stephen is in a ‘stable’ condition

Crash scene at the North West 200 2015
Crash scene at the North West 200 2015

Event Director of the North West Mervyn White has said that an investigation into the crash at the North West which left a Crumlin racer and a spectator suffering serious injuries will be completed soon.

Stephen Thompson (38) remains in a stable condition, and according to sources is conscious and has been chatting with members of his family in hospital.

Spectator Violet McAfee who was also involved in the crash was taken to hospital and remains in a stable condition at the Royal Victoria Hospital but little more is known of her condition.

Both were involved in a crash during the opening Superstock race on Saturday in which two other racers were also injured including Dean Harrison and Horst Saiger.

The woman was airlifted to the hospital for treatment after she was hit by a motorcycle which crashed on the second lap of the race.

The crash took place on a section of the 14-km circuit where racers exceed speeds of 180 miles per hour.

Mr Whyte said, “Dean was unhurt and Horst has now returned home to Liechtenstein after being treated in Coleraine’s Causeway hospital for a broken arm.

“Violet and Stephen sustained serious injuries and are receiving treatment in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

“The organisers of the North West 200 will offer our full support to Violet and Stephen and their families and I want to assure them that they are in our thoughts and prayers throughout this time.

“I am sure all of you will want to join with me in wishing both of them a full and speedy recovery. I would also like to thank the members of the medical team who were involved in treating those who were injured on Saturday. The care and expertise they provide is the very best in the world and we are very grateful that we have this available to us at the North West 200.

“A full investigation is underway into the incident, which will be completed very soon.”

Mr Thompson, is a regular competitor at the North West 200, suffered a broken vertebrae after crashing at the Ulster Grand Prix race in August 2012.

The race route is considered one of the most dangerous in the world in which riders reach speeds of 180 miles per hour or more on the closed-off back roads between Portrush, Coleraine and Portstewart.

Sixteen riders have been killed on the circuit since the race began in 1930 with the most recent fatality occurring last year in which English rider Simons Andrews, (29), from Evesham died.