Petition calls for danger road crossing

Children waiting to cross the road at Friends school. US1506-560cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Children waiting to cross the road at Friends school. US1506-560cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

A petition has been launched calling for a new crossing to be installed on a dangerous road near one of the city’s biggest schools.

A parent from Friends School, Tom Le Seelleur, has organised the on-line plea, which will allow local residents, students, staff and parents the opportunity to express the need for a crossing on the busy Magheralave Road.

Mr. Le Seelleur believes a crossing will make the journey to and from school safer for students, as well as for families who visit the Wallace Park.

The principal of Friends School, Mrs Elizabeth Dickson, has lobbied unsuccessfully in the past for a pedestrian crossing on the road. However, she hopes that the weight of public opinion may sway Roads Service to reconsider.

“We began by looking for a crossing patrol, which was turned down,” explained Mrs Dickson. “Traffic and parking are serious issues around the school and I

believe that parking restrictions in the city centre have forced traffic further up the Magheralave Road.

“A crossing would be very helpful to make this stretch of road safer for the students.”

Former pupils of Friends School have also voiced their support.

Lisburn Councillor Scott Carson said: “As a former pupil of Friends’ School I am very aware on the dangers posed to pedestrians.

“Over the last number of years traffic calming measures have been introduced to slow motorists however it is clear that there remain significant concerns for students and pedestrians crossing Magheralave Road.

“I have previously made representation to Roads Service regarding this matter and a site visit was carried out. At that time a number of factors were identified as having reduced vehicle speed and increased opportunity for pedestrians to cross.

“As a follow up I have once again written to the Divisional Roads Manager highlighting the many concerns that have been expressed through the recent petition.”

As well as support from Friends School, Fort Hill Integrated College and the South Eastern Regional College Students Union have also leant their support to the petition.

To sign the petition, log onto