‘Historic milestone’ at airport as EasyJet confirms expansion

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The Managing Director of Belfast International Airport has said this week represents an ‘historic milestone’ following a major expansion by easyJet.

Graham Keddie said the news would see upwards of 100 aviation-related jobs.

The airline announced a major expansion on all its Belfast-London routes and its winter schedule sees it in-creasing the number of seats

for sale on Gatwick, London Luton and Stansted by more than 125,000, bringing the total number of seats to over 500,000 up to the end of February, 2016.

In addition, easyJet will add seat capacity to Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester, bringing the total to 160,000 seats.

Mr Keddie said: “We’re delighted at this news which will see impressive levels of growth on three London services. The airline offers a superb, price-sensitive product and its approach is clearly making in-roads on the competition. easyJet has achieved an historic milestone on its London services, and other routes are also benefiting.

“Increasing the number of seats by a third will mean increases in airport activity.”