Enterprise to stop in Lisburn

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The long running campaign to ensure the Enterprise train from Belfast to Dublin stops in Lisburn during every journey could be about to come to fruition.

Translink NI have announced proposals for their 2016 timetable, including plans for the Enterprise to stop in Lisburn eight times a day Monday to Saturday and six times a day on Sundays,

A spokesperson for Translink explained: “It is proposed that the first service from Belfast would have an earlier departure time of 6.15am, arriving in Dublin before 9am to facilitate commuters. The last service departing Dublin Connolly would be at 9.10pm.

“Timetables could also move to a ‘clockface’ system, which means that services would depart Belfast every two hours at five past the hour and ten past from Dublin.

“In addition the proposed timetable would see all Enterprise services calling at Lisburn.

“The proposal would see an increase to six services operating to and from Dublin on Sundays, for which passengers have indicated a desire.”

Lagan Valley MLA Edwin Poots said the campaign to get the Enterprise to stop in Lisburn had been going on for a “protracted period” and that he is “absolutely delighted that people in Lisburn will be able to avail of the Enterprise service in their own city.”

He continued: “I also welcome the opportunity for others to be able to come to Lisburn directly. One can think of events like the Balmoral Show where there will be considerable demand and I have no doubt that it will be a strong marketing tool for the traders in Lisburn and for the city council in seeking to attract people to our city.”

Lagan Valley MLA Paul Givan also welcomed the proposal to have the Enterprise stop in Lisburn, suggesting Translink should now also consider improving the parking available at Lisburn Train Station.

“With the increased use of public transport there is an ongoing need to increase the availability of parking at Lisburn Train Station and at other locations including Moira.

“Translink need to be developing solutions to this problem if the opportunities to travel on public transport are to be fully realised.”