‘Dangerous’ situation at Clonevin Park

Cars parked at Clonevin Park. US1542-528cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Cars parked at Clonevin Park. US1542-528cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Residents of Clonevin Park have spoken out about the problems they are suffering due to commuters parking on their street.

Cars are being parke don both sides of the road with some blocking footpaths as well.

One resident said: “Since the street pay parking came into Lisburn commuters have been parking their cars here on both sides of the street and on footpaths.

“It is very dangerous, particularly at the Antrim Road entrance where traffic struggles to get in or out.”

Clonevin residents have had some meetings with Transport NI but are unhappy with the outcome and feel more needs to be done to address the issue.

A Transport NI spokesperson said: “A number of issues were raised and following the meeting, officials visited the location on a number of occasions at school opening and closing times.

“They found that throughout the day, parking generally only took place on the school side of the road. In general, parking was of an orderly fashion and no driveways were observed to be blocked. A review of the available records of personal injury collisions did not highlight a safety issue.

“In the afternoon, short-term parking around school closing time did take place on both sides of the road and, however, traffic progression was still possible and not unduly effected.

“We believe the situation would be helped by the provision of a short length of single yellow line between the current 15m corner restrictions and house no 32, although building work at the location was on going at the time.

“We believe this work may now be complete and if so we intend to start the legislative process for the waiting restriction , although such provision is of course open to objections.”